As Level Design Technology

7 03 2011

Situation: “Lighting is an area of Product Design which provides a lot of scope for innovative designs. Development in Technology (Materials used and the method of producing light) affect the form (The Shape) and the function (How It Works) of lighting. A company which produces lighting for the domestic market is looking to produce innovative designs for lighting which would enhance any modern home”.

Brief: “I am to product imaginative designs for lighting which would enhance a modern home and would appeal to a niche market of dis-concerning buyers”.

As you can see from the ‘Situation’ and the ‘Brief’ I was challenged by this brief to design a light. I took it upon myself to research the target markets that are out there and found myself pulling towards a niche market of dis-concerning buyers, young couples in their first home and university students.

Knowing that this was my target market I was able to let my designs be as extravagant and flamboyant as possible using bright colours to appeal more to the dis-concering buyers.

When designing my light I came across the problem of the weight of the bulb, the bulb fittings and the weight of the lamp would make the base bow under pressure. My Design Technology teacher and I came up with the solution of making it a bit bigger to support more weight….

As you can see, I altered my design slightly, my old design is the orange acrylic and my new design is the mockup in 3mm MDF

After making these changes here is my Final Design and fully working Light aimed at Students, Young Couples and Dis-concerning buyers.




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