Something Funny?

22 02 2011

As part of a live project with a company called “Global Humor”  They gave us a brief which was to design a Novelty Gift for £10.

I was working in a group of three  and after some brainstorming we decided not to go into adult humor, but rather to see what novelty gifts are on the market today. We decided to go with a money box and thought it would be quite quirky to use the saying ‘Throwing Money Down The Drain’.

We as a group thought it would be ironic that the money that you are essentially throwing down the drain (Money Box) you can retrieve from the bottom.


About Joe..

22 02 2011

I am a nineteen year old Product Design student studying in UWIC which is in Cardiff, South Wales.

During freshers week we as a class were asked to create a mood board which we felt represent us, what we enjoyed doing, what our hobbies were, and what colours we felt resembled us.

Hello world!

21 02 2011

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